Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

On the night before Halloween, when all were asleep, Erin and her roommate, were making their keep,
They searched and scavenged for something to wear, they became terrified when they had nothing to bare.
They howled and the wept, for the lack of a thought, and opened their wallets for the money they sought.
But their wallets were empty and began to lament, and pounded their fists as they cried on cement.
But then a voice appeared from the dust, "Look in your dear closets, for there is no need to lust!"
The girls they gained courage, and began to have hope, they searched as if they were at the end of their rope.
And alas! They found it! The costume of their dreams! Their costumes, I warn you, may make you scream!

Ok, so I lied, our costumes won't make you scream.  To be honest, you'd probably just scratch your head and ask, "What the heck ARE you?"   The members that come into my credit union ask me what I am and I tell them to guess.  Whatever they say, I reply, "Yep! You are right!"

With an hour into the day, I have gotten a hippie, an indian, and a lot of other really confused looks. I also had someone tell me, "You look nice today!" He seemed completely clueless to the fact that it is Halloween. In all reality (actually, Halloween can't be considered as reality), I am a flapper.  Lame, eh? 

But no worries.  If I get sick of people wondering, I have a back up plan.  I will become French.  Then I shall speak wif ze french accent all ze day long and I vil LOVE it! :)

Then if people STILL don't get it, I'll resort to Ryan's idea...I will write "Book" across my face.  If people still don't get it, I'll tell them I am a popular social networking site.  If they (or you) STILL don't get it, well, then, I will officially give up on Halloween.

But for now, well, I'll keep my "flapper" costume and eat the bucket of Halloween candy sitting in front of me until I throw up.  Happy Halloween!!

P.S.  PLEASE forgive me for my TERRIBLE poem.  Poetry, apparently, is not one of my hidden talents...Limericks, however...

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  1. Oh Erin, you crack me up! :) Thanks for brightening my day!