Saturday, July 30, 2011

Favorite Tools to Use for Cupcakes

It is Saturday again my friends and what does that mean?
I will spend a couple hours baking something for somebody :)
I love baking for friends and family!
This Saturday I made cupcakes for a small party of old high school orchestra friends (about eleven people showed up total, even though it was small we still had a blast). I made Chocolate Cupcakes with a Cheesecake Filling and yummy Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting.  I should come up with a name for this scrumptious treat. Any suggestions? I am gettting into a habit of making these. I need to branch out of my comfort zone sometime and try something new but it is hard when these are so good, not to mention ADDICTING.

I have a couple of things that are a must have when baking cupcakes.  Here are my Top 5 Favorite things to use when making cupcakes.

Chocolate Chip's (preferably Semi-Sweet): I throw them into the batter at the end to add an extra ummff to any chocolate baked good. Cupcakes, Cake, Brownies etc.


My Kitchen Aide: It is one of the best Christmas presents that I have ever received. Thanks Mom and Dad! It makes baking so much easier. I love making Marshmallow Fondant in it. I hate kneading by hand. 

Cookie Scoop: This helps me make even cupcakes with minimal amount of effort. Filling up the batter takes no time at all with this tool.

Cupcake Filler Tip: This has revolutionized the way I view and eat cupcakes. Just think of the endless possibilities of what fillings would go with cupcakes!

 My Grandpa's Old Big Round Tip: I use this to frost my cupcakes. I love how professional they turn out when I use this tip.

This Way!

This is how I entertain my roommates.  I show them the secret passage that leads to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  They should feel so lucky.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blow Away

Artist: A Fine Frenzy
Song: Blow Away

This song popped up on my I-pod I forgot how much I like it. It was a great song to kick off today. I also LOVE the music video! I hope you enjoy it too :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday was Pioneer Day in Utah

Pioneer Day.  There are a few reasons why I am a new fan of this holiday.

#1:  I get work off, and paid for.  Boo ya.

#2:  Great excuse for pie

#3:  Great excuse for blowing up fireworks.

#4:  Great excuse for partying.  OH yeah.

So, a few others and myself happened upon the Pioneer Extravaganza down in Provo.  I didn't even know this existed.  Here are a few pictures to showcase the grand fete of pioneers:

This is legit.  Not a posed to be pioneery,  but it is the real stuff:  (Note: Pioneers shown not legit.  Sorry to disappoint.)

(The Ox, unfortunately is not legit either.)

Festivities then included mustaches.  Why not?

Also...festivities included the actioning off of small children...

Do you feel like you were there now?  I sure hope so.  It was rather epic.  I mean, just look at my mustache.  Epic.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things to Accomplish

I read Caitlin's list of things she needs to accomplish, and I thought I would make up my own .


#1:  Sleep in tomorrow. (Thank you pioneer day.  Utah's great holiday in which I get a nice day off of work!)
#2:  Enjoy my day off.
#3: Take a nap
#4: Make dessert
#5: Eat dessert
#6: Nap some more
#7: Play
#8:  Repeat steps 1-7.

Ah, to live the single adult life and not have to be responsible.  Sorry Caitlin, but this girl is relaxing and playing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Need to Get Accomplished

Here is a list of things I need to accomplish in the next couple days:

1. Finish Moving
2. Fill out Application for a Supervisor Position
3. Turn in Application
4. Bake a Cake! (Princess themed, I am way excited to make this one!)
5. Be more consistent at posting on this blog
6. Post pictures of Cakes on blog
7. Unpack all belongings and de-clutter my life
8. Something else. I can't remember this one although I am sure it is important.
9. Remember #8.
10. Relax and Enjoy life.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I read in a book once that characters that struggle become interesting.  In that case, I must be rather fascinating.

But really, who doesn't struggle in life?  Who isn't faced with challenges, promblems, concerns, sorrow, or pain?  I would really like to meet that person.  Or perhaps not...they must be rather boring.  Right?  So really, if you think about it...we are ALL fascinating.  We all have our stories, our unique backgrounds, something captivating and unique to us.

Life is a struggle.  A struggle to find meaning.  A struggle to find joy.  A stuggle to find something that suits with you.  We all struggle.  One might be surprised that many fears they have are just the same as their neighbor's.  You don't believe me? Well, talk to someone about their fears.  I have been surprised time and time again.

To be honest, I am (and don't quote me on this) grateful for the problems I have to go through.  Through my young twenty something years of life, those trials have made me a better person.  Stronger.  More capable.  I can stand on my own two feet, and it is because I have learned to conquer fear.  Actually, to be honest, I am still learning.  But each step I take in conquering a new trial, a new problem, builds me up.

My question to you, is what makes you, well, YOU?  How did you become who you are today? How have the struggles in your life built you for the better?

Reflect on that one for a bit.  You'll be surprised what you will discover.

*I wrote this post about a week or two ago...Right now, I would like to reserve the right that you do not quote me on being "grateful" for my problems.  Thank you!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Soon

School is almost here again! I am not very happy with Walmart right now. They have most certainly started selling Back-to-School supplies. They always jump the gun on every season such as Christmas decorations in September.
In all honesty, I love school. I love learning. Nonetheless, it is coming a tad premature for my liking. I am still trying to enjoy my summer. I semi-finished registering for classes for the fall today. I re-arranged my schedule at least 20 times. Really. I think it should be done for now though. Hopefully I can get into one of the two classes that I am on a waiting list for.

Are you going to school in the fall?

Are you ready?

Do you like school?

I should not stress about school starting soon. And neither should you. Enjoy each day of summer without worrying that it will end soon. It will end either way, so have fun and don't stress.

A side note of something almost related. I was wandering through the D.I. (A huge thrift store) the other day and I spent a little too much time looking at the books. Just looking at all of the old textbooks made me feel smarter. Does flipping through books on Aerospace Technology or Molecular Biology make me any more intelligent than if I were flipping through a cookbook? Most likely not. I also do not mind that it doesn't. I simply enjoy having a strange fascination with old scholarly books.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Fran: Explained in Photos Part 2

Ok...So for the next part of the trip...We took a nice visit to the beach:

[Picture currently trapped on my iPhone...But just imagine a beach and a beautiful sunset.  This is the part of the trip when things just get better and better from here on out!]

Then, we took a trip to Monterey Bay and visited the aquarium:

                                    Yes, this picture did take place at the aquarium, oddly enough:

                                       The world's ugliest fish on earth....Also, it is GIGANTIC!

                                                                Forrest Gump anyone?

                                                    THE Monterey Bay. Oh, and THE Taryn.

                                                          Indian Cuisine...Bon Appetit!
This was Chad's doing...He was angry with our waitress and wanted to make sure that she noticed that he was in no way, giving her a tip.  (It was already included in the price anyway.  Way to go, Chad.)

On the 14 hour drive home, we got rather bored and Taryn and I started to "shoot" each other...on film...

                                           Chad, dying in during our loooooonnnnggg car ride.
             This is our attempt to make our caramel hard again.  Car refridgeration.  Are we handy, or what?

There ya have it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

San Fran: Explained in Photos Part 1

The photos are pretty much self explanatory.  They range from Standford University, to the Golden Gate bridge, then to H&M where we become sick of shopping, to the Full House houses, to us being completely and utterly exhausted.

Just wait...We go to the beach, Monterey Bay, and then the dangerous trip home.  Photos to come.

Monday, July 11, 2011

San Fran...Coming to a Blog Near You

So...I have been super busy...I apologize...I have not had a rest to stop and post a picture.  Even now, I should be fast asleep, working up my beauty rest.  But, I am here...offering to you a few teaser pictures.  Are you ready?  Here you go...

More to come, with details.  Cross my heart.