Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Fran: Explained in Photos Part 2

Ok...So for the next part of the trip...We took a nice visit to the beach:

[Picture currently trapped on my iPhone...But just imagine a beach and a beautiful sunset.  This is the part of the trip when things just get better and better from here on out!]

Then, we took a trip to Monterey Bay and visited the aquarium:

                                    Yes, this picture did take place at the aquarium, oddly enough:

                                       The world's ugliest fish on earth....Also, it is GIGANTIC!

                                                                Forrest Gump anyone?

                                                    THE Monterey Bay. Oh, and THE Taryn.

                                                          Indian Cuisine...Bon Appetit!
This was Chad's doing...He was angry with our waitress and wanted to make sure that she noticed that he was in no way, giving her a tip.  (It was already included in the price anyway.  Way to go, Chad.)

On the 14 hour drive home, we got rather bored and Taryn and I started to "shoot" each other...on film...

                                           Chad, dying in during our loooooonnnnggg car ride.
             This is our attempt to make our caramel hard again.  Car refridgeration.  Are we handy, or what?

There ya have it!

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