Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

You know what that means...It is officially time to prepare for Christmas.  

I want to soak in Christmas as much as humanly possible.  Even with Florida's heat, I still want to feel Christmas running through my veins.  If only I could request snow for the week of Christmas...But nevertheless, I digress.

I plan on filling my Florida Christmas with hot chocolate, cuddling with my man by the fireplace, and reading every children's Christmas story book at Barnes & Noble.  It makes for the perfect date night, I think.

I plan on making plans. Big ones. Wonderful Christmas plans.  I will be living every wonderful moment of this holiday.  I will NOT let it pass me by.  No siree.

I can hardly wait.  This is the best season ever.  I'll keep you posted of my Christmas journey.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Success Baby

Ryan and I were sitting in church, when they announced the last hymn to sing.  We opened up our hymn books and rejoiced to see that it was "Love One Another" which is happily only one verse long! We immediately thought of the success baby meme, and thought we better create this meme pronto.  So, without further ado, our first meme ever created:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Type Something. Anything.

I am having a serious case of writers cramps. Should that be plural? I am not exactly sure how to say that sentence correctly. You catch my drift all the same, right? Good. 

So here is my attempt at writing something. 

Anything really.

 I just need to write.

I could tell you about living in my new apartment. Which I adore.
Or I could write to you about losing weight! Hooray!
I could tell you about school. I love my music classes.
Or how about single life? Lets not even get started on that.

Honestly I don't want to write about any of that. 
 I just want to write words, nothing in particular, just words. Lots and lots of words. At the moment I would prefer the words to not be anything particularly profound, funny or personal. Just light and airy and maybe a tad bit sentimental. Is that a contradiction?

I keep writing utter nonsense and deleting it. I am not even sorry in the least bit though. I am relishing in the fact that I typing and taking my thoughts from my brain and putting them onto something tangible. Can a computer screen be considered tangible? Perhaps I should just keep everything I am typing and stop deleting every sentence that I write. But then you will know how scatterbrained and indecisive I really am. Okay, I will post one thing I have written in the past little bit and you can get a taste for what is going through my mind. 

Here you go:

I already miss the Fall.  How come I feel like I missed it? What happened? Why is there snow on the ground and on my toes?

Dear Snow, 
Please wait to come until after Thanksgiving.
Yours Truly,
One who always gets a bad case of the shivers when I am too close to you.

Well this was a good start at redeeming myself for my lack of blogging in the past little bit. I hope you have a wonderful day!