Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

You know what that means...It is officially time to prepare for Christmas.  

I want to soak in Christmas as much as humanly possible.  Even with Florida's heat, I still want to feel Christmas running through my veins.  If only I could request snow for the week of Christmas...But nevertheless, I digress.

I plan on filling my Florida Christmas with hot chocolate, cuddling with my man by the fireplace, and reading every children's Christmas story book at Barnes & Noble.  It makes for the perfect date night, I think.

I plan on making plans. Big ones. Wonderful Christmas plans.  I will be living every wonderful moment of this holiday.  I will NOT let it pass me by.  No siree.

I can hardly wait.  This is the best season ever.  I'll keep you posted of my Christmas journey.

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