Friday, November 9, 2012

Type Something. Anything.

I am having a serious case of writers cramps. Should that be plural? I am not exactly sure how to say that sentence correctly. You catch my drift all the same, right? Good. 

So here is my attempt at writing something. 

Anything really.

 I just need to write.

I could tell you about living in my new apartment. Which I adore.
Or I could write to you about losing weight! Hooray!
I could tell you about school. I love my music classes.
Or how about single life? Lets not even get started on that.

Honestly I don't want to write about any of that. 
 I just want to write words, nothing in particular, just words. Lots and lots of words. At the moment I would prefer the words to not be anything particularly profound, funny or personal. Just light and airy and maybe a tad bit sentimental. Is that a contradiction?

I keep writing utter nonsense and deleting it. I am not even sorry in the least bit though. I am relishing in the fact that I typing and taking my thoughts from my brain and putting them onto something tangible. Can a computer screen be considered tangible? Perhaps I should just keep everything I am typing and stop deleting every sentence that I write. But then you will know how scatterbrained and indecisive I really am. Okay, I will post one thing I have written in the past little bit and you can get a taste for what is going through my mind. 

Here you go:

I already miss the Fall.  How come I feel like I missed it? What happened? Why is there snow on the ground and on my toes?

Dear Snow, 
Please wait to come until after Thanksgiving.
Yours Truly,
One who always gets a bad case of the shivers when I am too close to you.

Well this was a good start at redeeming myself for my lack of blogging in the past little bit. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. you have my permission to always blog about me. :

  2. Well done Cait! Lovely reading. I need to be better about writing on my blog(s) Do you know how I could combine/delete one of them? Let me know, or Let's get together some Saturday soon.

    Love ya to pieces!

    Aunt K