Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saturday Night Surprises

Caitlin and I played this past Saturday.  We didn't have much planned: Shop here a little, shop there a little, return an item, you know.  Pretty boring.  So we were pleasantly surprised when we happened upon a free, outdoor concert down at the Riverwoods in Utah.



They had 3 local bands:

Blue Aces: Three 16 year old girls and a 14 year old girl on the drums provided quite the amazing experience! We were rather impressed, especially for their age, and their amazing energy and stage presence!  We secretly hoped that they would win.

The New Electric Sound: There music was fun and energetic, but it felt similar to the Neon Trees.  We didn't care too much for the voice of the operation, but it was fun all the same.  We felt them to be the lesser of the three bands.  However, they took away the first prize of a thousand dollars.  We were a bit disappointed at that.  But they were still fun, I suppose.  Judge for yourself!

D'if:  Similar to the Postal Service.  They had a great sound and was very enjoyable to listen to.  We liked them a lot and would have been happy if they took first.

Meanwhile, as we listened to the bands, we got FREE chalk!

It is for their upcoming event in September, "Chalk the Block".  So of COURSE, we immediately had to chalk it up.  Pronto.  Besides, I won't be in Utah in September.


Free chalk, free music, great company....Seriously...All the night needed was a snow cone shack just behind us.  Then it would have been perfect.  

Oh, and check out the sunset:

Gorgeous, eh?  It was quite the fabulous evening.  Now, for picture overload:

This is Erin and Caitlin, signing off! Happy day to you, good person!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Car Shopping is Haarrddd....

Ryan and I are in the market for a car.

But apparently we are in the wrong market for the car that we want.

Introducing, the Honda Element:

It is fast, it is shiny, it has a ton of room.  It's what we want.  But apparently, with all good things, their has been quite the opposition.  

First:  The Honda Element is now an extinct species.  The last model came out last year, 2011, and they are not making any more period.

Second: Apparently, the owners of the remaining species refuse to give up their beloved vehicle, for once you buy an Element, you fall in love, never wanting to part from their side again.  This has made it nearly impossible to find at any dealer.  In fact, we have found 4, which brings us to our third problem.  

Third: There are only 4 Honda Elements within a 100 mile radius for sale at a dealership.  However, at least 2 of those have already sold.  So we have a choice of 2.  One is a great choice, the other, a subpar choice.  But...

Fourth:  The 2 remaining Elements are currently being sold at a HORRIBLE, no good, dealership.  We went in with every intention to buy the great choice of a Honda Element, only to find that they were trying to scam us in every way possible.  (Who decides that optional features are now mandatory and MUST be sold in order to make a so-called profit?  Why does the price of the vehicle seem to keep getting higher the longer we stay there?)  It's a long story, but trust us...It was no bueno.

So we are currently stuck in our car buying situation.  It seems we have no choice but to look for new options.  Le sigh.   I really hate car shopping.

Ryan, sporting the Honda wear while at a Dealership.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Florida Trip!

My weekend in Florida was wonderful!  Here's what happened:

My amazing packing job! *Pats self on the back*

Last day of work before Florida.  I can hardly wait, I am so excited!

Me.  At the airport.  Waiting in Denver for my red eye flight to Miami, THEN Tampa.

Waiting for my brother-in-law to arrive in Tampa.  So we pulled out a board game because we're cool like that.

Pedicure for beach day, compliments of my fabulous Mother-in-Law.

Siesta Key, Beach.  Love.

Got to spend the vacation with the cutest baby ever.  Seriously, she will melt your heart.



We shoot ze guns!!
Admit it.  I look awesome.

Now I shoot ze guns!!
Ryan is the king. Does that automatically make me the queen?

By the way, I had an interview while in Florida.  I totally rocked it.  We are coming to Florida starting August 8th, 2012.  Watch out, Florida.  It's going to be an adventure!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Less Than Two Weeks...

In just less that two weeks I will be in one of my all-time favorite places.

The place that I dared to try something new.

The place that I left home, and lived in a place far, far from home.  No four hour drives to and from home, but somewhere that I wouldn't be allowed to visit for a few months.

The place that I spent my first Christmas away from home, and you know what? It ended up okay.

The place that I made some of my best friends for life.

The place that I ended a relationship, which opened up other possibilities that I needed for my life.

The place I constantly yearned to return to.

The place that my husband-to-be would live most of his life and would call home.

The place where I was proposed to, and began the great journey of eternity with my love.

The place that feels like home, even though I have never lived there for more than 4 months.

The place that is so close to my heart, and hope to one day return to raise my family.


I'll see you oh, so soon Florida.