Sunday, July 1, 2012

Less Than Two Weeks...

In just less that two weeks I will be in one of my all-time favorite places.

The place that I dared to try something new.

The place that I left home, and lived in a place far, far from home.  No four hour drives to and from home, but somewhere that I wouldn't be allowed to visit for a few months.

The place that I spent my first Christmas away from home, and you know what? It ended up okay.

The place that I made some of my best friends for life.

The place that I ended a relationship, which opened up other possibilities that I needed for my life.

The place I constantly yearned to return to.

The place that my husband-to-be would live most of his life and would call home.

The place where I was proposed to, and began the great journey of eternity with my love.

The place that feels like home, even though I have never lived there for more than 4 months.

The place that is so close to my heart, and hope to one day return to raise my family.


I'll see you oh, so soon Florida.

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