Sunday, July 29, 2012

Car Shopping is Haarrddd....

Ryan and I are in the market for a car.

But apparently we are in the wrong market for the car that we want.

Introducing, the Honda Element:

It is fast, it is shiny, it has a ton of room.  It's what we want.  But apparently, with all good things, their has been quite the opposition.  

First:  The Honda Element is now an extinct species.  The last model came out last year, 2011, and they are not making any more period.

Second: Apparently, the owners of the remaining species refuse to give up their beloved vehicle, for once you buy an Element, you fall in love, never wanting to part from their side again.  This has made it nearly impossible to find at any dealer.  In fact, we have found 4, which brings us to our third problem.  

Third: There are only 4 Honda Elements within a 100 mile radius for sale at a dealership.  However, at least 2 of those have already sold.  So we have a choice of 2.  One is a great choice, the other, a subpar choice.  But...

Fourth:  The 2 remaining Elements are currently being sold at a HORRIBLE, no good, dealership.  We went in with every intention to buy the great choice of a Honda Element, only to find that they were trying to scam us in every way possible.  (Who decides that optional features are now mandatory and MUST be sold in order to make a so-called profit?  Why does the price of the vehicle seem to keep getting higher the longer we stay there?)  It's a long story, but trust us...It was no bueno.

So we are currently stuck in our car buying situation.  It seems we have no choice but to look for new options.  Le sigh.   I really hate car shopping.

Ryan, sporting the Honda wear while at a Dealership.

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