Thursday, August 27, 2015

Falling in Love

Artist: Us the Duo
Song: Falling in Love

Please listen to this song. I think you will find yourself quickly 'Falling in Love' with it! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Day I Had Too Much Stuff

Moving from one place to another makes you realize just how much junk you really have.  I was appalled at how in just three years we seemed to have accumulated so. much. stuff!!! We didn't even have any furniture, but we somehow had boxes and boxes of odds and ends.  Now that we live in a tiny apartment, these things can no longer hide in rooms untouched or boxes in the garage.  With limited space, those boxes are visible, taunting me and reminding me that they are there, waiting to be made known.

I picked up the book from a friend called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding-Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organization" by the world-famous Marie Kondo.  Have you heard of it? I found it rather insightful and helpful as I've tackled these boxes and surveyed exactly what I own and WHY I own it.  I love her idea of asking yourself, "Does this particular item spark joy?" If it doesn't, get rid of it.  Simple as that, right?  The idea is to have a home filled with the things that bring joy.  If it doesn't bring joy, it isn't doing its job.  Of course, the book goes into much more detail, but I recommend the read.  I've been wanting to develop a more minimalist approach to life, and I think this book helps take those steps forward.

So now I must go! I must do ALL of the tidying and conquer the clutter within my apartment! If don't hear from me in 24 hours, call the police.  My odds and ends may have taken me prisoner in retribution for never using them.

Friday, August 14, 2015

When You Wish Upon a Star

Lesson I learned this week: 

Magic 8 Balls may lie but you can always trust a shooting star. ;)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Ode to St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian was the best of trailers.  His big bones (he is not fat, mind you!) carried all of our stuff across the country from Florida to California.  He is as mighty as the ox, but much better looking of course!

St. Sebastian was there when we played "20 questions game" and we couldn't guess Callie's brilliance of choosing a "billboard".  He was there when we got lost in Wyoming and we were hangry and about ready to curse out every Wyomingan we would come across (luckily there were none, because WHO LIVES IN WYOMING??).   He even joined us as Caitlin displayed her ability to be very naughty as she poked and prodded the innocent.  (Rude!!!)

The best part of St. Sebastian was the secret.  Mother dear did not like St. Sebastian.  If she would have known that he joined us along for our cross-country road trip, she would have fretted, and worried, and lost all of her fingernails due to her nervousness (and she doesn't even bite her fingernails! But she would have, if she only have known!).  So we did not tell mother dearest about our newfound friend.  Any picture taken of St. Sebastian we managed to edit him out so not to give away his surprise arrival.

Spoiler Alert: We got away with it.
Caitlin being naughty. This was a picture we COULD send to Mom.
St. Sebastian in the back. Obviously could NOT send to Mom.

Packed tight!

Lookin' good, St. Sebastian!

We're awesome.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Never Trust a Magic 8 Ball!

Dear Magic 8 Ball,
It was very rude of you to lie to me on Tuesday and I find your behavior utterly unacceptable. Please make right what you did wrong.

 On Tuesday, I went grocery shopping with Bethany and Kaeley. We were at LoLo's when we stumbled across a Magic 8 Ball in the clearance section. It was only $1.50!! Bethany of course bought it and we asked it tons of questions. We were convinced it was correct in all of its fortune telling abilities. Bethany and Kaeley asked the ball a very important question, and it told me that the answer was 'YES DEFINITELY". It may have been in regards to a date I was going on that evening. And it may have been in regards to a certain boy who was taking me on that date. The question also might have mentioned hand holding. Well let me to you! Beware of Magic 8 Balls they lie! But in all honesty, I am okay with the outcome. I would rather wait to hold his hand until he is 100% ready. I can be patient. I guess. ;) The date was still fantastic despite the lack of inter-digitation! ;)

Ps. Maybe I should catch up all the uh...20 readers of this blog, who most likely already know this, but just in case you didn't. I broke up with my dear friend John over a year ago for many reasons. I have been going on dates with boys here and there since then but nothing too serious has happened with any of them. The boy in the Magic 8 Ball story is very charming and sweet. We were set up on a blind date and we have gone out quite a few times since our first date back in June. I will keep you updated if anything progresses in that department. :)