Friday, August 7, 2015

Ode to St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian was the best of trailers.  His big bones (he is not fat, mind you!) carried all of our stuff across the country from Florida to California.  He is as mighty as the ox, but much better looking of course!

St. Sebastian was there when we played "20 questions game" and we couldn't guess Callie's brilliance of choosing a "billboard".  He was there when we got lost in Wyoming and we were hangry and about ready to curse out every Wyomingan we would come across (luckily there were none, because WHO LIVES IN WYOMING??).   He even joined us as Caitlin displayed her ability to be very naughty as she poked and prodded the innocent.  (Rude!!!)

The best part of St. Sebastian was the secret.  Mother dear did not like St. Sebastian.  If she would have known that he joined us along for our cross-country road trip, she would have fretted, and worried, and lost all of her fingernails due to her nervousness (and she doesn't even bite her fingernails! But she would have, if she only have known!).  So we did not tell mother dearest about our newfound friend.  Any picture taken of St. Sebastian we managed to edit him out so not to give away his surprise arrival.

Spoiler Alert: We got away with it.
Caitlin being naughty. This was a picture we COULD send to Mom.
St. Sebastian in the back. Obviously could NOT send to Mom.

Packed tight!

Lookin' good, St. Sebastian!

We're awesome.


  1. That first picture is probably the most unflattering picture of me in the whole entire world! It looks like I gained at least 100 pounds from that photo! :(

    1. Yeeeaahhh...about that. I actually didn't mean to add it. I de-selected it and for some reason, it still added it. So I went with it. Sorry. I can remove it if you'd like!