Thursday, August 6, 2015

Never Trust a Magic 8 Ball!

Dear Magic 8 Ball,
It was very rude of you to lie to me on Tuesday and I find your behavior utterly unacceptable. Please make right what you did wrong.

 On Tuesday, I went grocery shopping with Bethany and Kaeley. We were at LoLo's when we stumbled across a Magic 8 Ball in the clearance section. It was only $1.50!! Bethany of course bought it and we asked it tons of questions. We were convinced it was correct in all of its fortune telling abilities. Bethany and Kaeley asked the ball a very important question, and it told me that the answer was 'YES DEFINITELY". It may have been in regards to a date I was going on that evening. And it may have been in regards to a certain boy who was taking me on that date. The question also might have mentioned hand holding. Well let me to you! Beware of Magic 8 Balls they lie! But in all honesty, I am okay with the outcome. I would rather wait to hold his hand until he is 100% ready. I can be patient. I guess. ;) The date was still fantastic despite the lack of inter-digitation! ;)

Ps. Maybe I should catch up all the uh...20 readers of this blog, who most likely already know this, but just in case you didn't. I broke up with my dear friend John over a year ago for many reasons. I have been going on dates with boys here and there since then but nothing too serious has happened with any of them. The boy in the Magic 8 Ball story is very charming and sweet. We were set up on a blind date and we have gone out quite a few times since our first date back in June. I will keep you updated if anything progresses in that department. :)

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  1. HA. It was just answering the long-term value of your question. Will you hold hands with that particular boy, and yes, you definitely have interdigitated. So it wasn't lying, just looking to the further future.