Friday, June 29, 2012

While on the way to Seattle...

While on the way to Seattle, our first gas stop was in the middle of nowhere, Idaho.  Yet, it was quite the surprisingly, charming stop.  Even though the gas was a grand $4.56 a galloon, it was worth every penny due to the following:

First:  Alpacas.  Two of them. (Do you see the second one?)  They were both here to great you first thing as you walked into the store.  I actually didn't notice them until the way out.  Funny how something so obvious should slip my vision.

This is Zuni and Sam the Alpacas welcome sign:

You enter in, and they had the great Idaho Tumbleweed on display, and the pathetic Utah Tumbleweed in comparison.

More humor:

Now THIS was quite the treat.  Ryan and I approached ever so carefully, apprehension growing as we climbed the steps to peer over to see those little snakes:

They got us.  They got us good.  

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