Sunday, December 16, 2012


How often do I see a beggar on the street and I strategically look away so I don't make eye contact with them?  If I don't look them in the eye I can pretend that they do not exist (horrible, I know) or that they won't see me (A second graders logic: If I can't see you, you can't see me). 
I don't have a lot to give because like most college students I am struggling to put gas in my car as it is. I feel guilty for not giving more. What I feel worse about is how I have been treating these people who I try to ignore. I may not have a couple bucks to give but I do have kindness that is free. 
It isn't hard at all to give someone a smile or a wave when you drive or walk by. I too often forget that these people are my brothers and sisters. They are children of God. If Christ were to be in my shoes he would not simply ignore the beggar even if he had empty pockets. He would reach out to them in kindness and show them charity. So I have a challenge for you starting this Christmas season. The next time you drive by someone with a sign look them in the eye and smile at them. 
Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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