Saturday, July 30, 2011

Favorite Tools to Use for Cupcakes

It is Saturday again my friends and what does that mean?
I will spend a couple hours baking something for somebody :)
I love baking for friends and family!
This Saturday I made cupcakes for a small party of old high school orchestra friends (about eleven people showed up total, even though it was small we still had a blast). I made Chocolate Cupcakes with a Cheesecake Filling and yummy Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting.  I should come up with a name for this scrumptious treat. Any suggestions? I am gettting into a habit of making these. I need to branch out of my comfort zone sometime and try something new but it is hard when these are so good, not to mention ADDICTING.

I have a couple of things that are a must have when baking cupcakes.  Here are my Top 5 Favorite things to use when making cupcakes.

Chocolate Chip's (preferably Semi-Sweet): I throw them into the batter at the end to add an extra ummff to any chocolate baked good. Cupcakes, Cake, Brownies etc.


My Kitchen Aide: It is one of the best Christmas presents that I have ever received. Thanks Mom and Dad! It makes baking so much easier. I love making Marshmallow Fondant in it. I hate kneading by hand. 

Cookie Scoop: This helps me make even cupcakes with minimal amount of effort. Filling up the batter takes no time at all with this tool.

Cupcake Filler Tip: This has revolutionized the way I view and eat cupcakes. Just think of the endless possibilities of what fillings would go with cupcakes!

 My Grandpa's Old Big Round Tip: I use this to frost my cupcakes. I love how professional they turn out when I use this tip.


  1. Those are my favorite cupcakes!! Oh my heck, if you ever feel the need you can make me cupcakes ;) We miss you Caitlin, it felt so lonely on Sunday without you there girl! Hope you're having fun though!!!

  2. How much are cupcake tips, Cait? I would love to get me some, myself! :) Or steal yours...That may be cheaper. ;)