Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Soon

School is almost here again! I am not very happy with Walmart right now. They have most certainly started selling Back-to-School supplies. They always jump the gun on every season such as Christmas decorations in September.
In all honesty, I love school. I love learning. Nonetheless, it is coming a tad premature for my liking. I am still trying to enjoy my summer. I semi-finished registering for classes for the fall today. I re-arranged my schedule at least 20 times. Really. I think it should be done for now though. Hopefully I can get into one of the two classes that I am on a waiting list for.

Are you going to school in the fall?

Are you ready?

Do you like school?

I should not stress about school starting soon. And neither should you. Enjoy each day of summer without worrying that it will end soon. It will end either way, so have fun and don't stress.

A side note of something almost related. I was wandering through the D.I. (A huge thrift store) the other day and I spent a little too much time looking at the books. Just looking at all of the old textbooks made me feel smarter. Does flipping through books on Aerospace Technology or Molecular Biology make me any more intelligent than if I were flipping through a cookbook? Most likely not. I also do not mind that it doesn't. I simply enjoy having a strange fascination with old scholarly books.

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