Friday, July 22, 2011


I read in a book once that characters that struggle become interesting.  In that case, I must be rather fascinating.

But really, who doesn't struggle in life?  Who isn't faced with challenges, promblems, concerns, sorrow, or pain?  I would really like to meet that person.  Or perhaps not...they must be rather boring.  Right?  So really, if you think about it...we are ALL fascinating.  We all have our stories, our unique backgrounds, something captivating and unique to us.

Life is a struggle.  A struggle to find meaning.  A struggle to find joy.  A stuggle to find something that suits with you.  We all struggle.  One might be surprised that many fears they have are just the same as their neighbor's.  You don't believe me? Well, talk to someone about their fears.  I have been surprised time and time again.

To be honest, I am (and don't quote me on this) grateful for the problems I have to go through.  Through my young twenty something years of life, those trials have made me a better person.  Stronger.  More capable.  I can stand on my own two feet, and it is because I have learned to conquer fear.  Actually, to be honest, I am still learning.  But each step I take in conquering a new trial, a new problem, builds me up.

My question to you, is what makes you, well, YOU?  How did you become who you are today? How have the struggles in your life built you for the better?

Reflect on that one for a bit.  You'll be surprised what you will discover.

*I wrote this post about a week or two ago...Right now, I would like to reserve the right that you do not quote me on being "grateful" for my problems.  Thank you!

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