Saturday, August 18, 2012


Wow.  Well, it has been one whirlwind of a ride for about a month now.  Let me explain to you the chain of events.  Ahem:

July 13th: I get a job.  It was a job we weren't really expecting to get, but nevertheless, we did, and we feel great about it.  So after just a few days of panic while on our Florida vacation, we decide to move forward with the move and get things in order.  Starting date for the job is August 13th, about 4 weeks.

July 17th: I'm still on vacation in Florida, but call in my two weeks notice.  I do a little dance of victory, excited to move to the next chapter of my life.

July 19th: We return to Utah.  Must survive the next few weeks ahead.

July 30th: We FINALLY get things worked out for a new car! Introducing our Honda Element, Bigger Red!

Isn't she a beauty?

July 31st: Ryan and I finish our last day of employment.  Celebration dance!

A sign my little sister Callie made to celebrate my last day of employment!

August 1st-5th: We go on our last "hurrah" with Utah friends to St. George.  Oh, also Las Vegas.  Oh, and then also California.  We got to see cool tanks in California.  We come back on August 5th.  (Jammed pack, eh?)  But it was a blast.
Tanks are cool!

August 6th: The fun begins.  Packing.  Lots of it.  Too much of it.  So we see a few friends for the last time.

August 7th: More packing.  It is beginning to become overwhelming...but packing it is.  We also had lunch with my parents and had a few friends come over to visit while we pack and pack and pack and pack and pack...Our plan to leave for Florida is August 8th.  The next day.

Thank goodness for Bigger Red.  She holds a lot.

Early morning, around 2:00 a.m. August 8th: I break down.  I am exhausted and we have so much stuff. Ryan comforts me and suggests that perhaps we should take the extra day to pack and clean and unwind a bit, then move on the 9th.  After some hesitation, I decide it is the best thing to do.

August 8th during the day: We slept in, we relaxed, we got things done, PERFECT.  It was exactly what we needed, or I needed.  Low stress, and able to get everything done while being well rested for the adventure that was to take 3 days.

August 9th: We leave!! Caitlin comes with us to help with driving and to experience the beauty of Florida.

August 9th-11th: Travel, travel, travel.  We were very lucky to have family and friends along our route to Florida to house us for both nights of traveling.  We first stopped in Omaha, Nebraska at Ryan's Aunt and Uncle's and the next night in Atlanta, Georgia at Ryan's old time friend's place.  It was so wonderful.

An exhausted traveler.

St. Louis, Missouri's Famous Arch.

Late night August 11th: We arrive at last! It is late, and we have early morning church.  Good night!

August 12th: Early morning church, the thunderstorm cancels our beach plans, dinner night at Ryan's sister's place, and a bit of relaxation.

August 13-17th: My training at my new job begins.  It. Is. Awesome!  Seriously...I can't believe I have this job.  I'm feeling pretty blessed.  Did I also mention the free house we have? Ryan's parents are currently in Jacksonville for a promotion, and they left their house with the intention to move back in a few years after Ryan's dad retires.  So free house to ourselves.  Pretty lucky, eh?  Every night during this week we go do something fun with Caitlin to let her experience Florida.  Needless to say, I have been exhausted all week.
At Downtown Disney

Visiting the Ghirardelli Ice Cream shop at Downtown Disney.

Sunset at Siesta Key, Beach.  Gorgeous.

August 18th: FINALLY.  A chance to relax, unpack, clean, get things down, blog, etc.  It has been wonderful.  Ryan also started his job today.  Next week should be a bit slower paced.  But we'll see.  But this is the new chapter of our lives, and we are excited to see all the adventures ahead!


  1. Sounds like quite an exhilarating ride! Yay for new beginnings.

  2. I missed you from the moment you told me you would be moving to Florida! That was a crazy summer for ya!