Saturday, June 8, 2013


I am sitting in the living room, listening the the thunderstorm outside.  I love the summer rains Florida brings.  I enjoy being curled up on the couch near a large window, watching the rain pour down outside, the sky growling at its best, and the bright flashes of lightening.  I have never seen such intense thunderstorms until I moved to Florida.

I love it here.  I am so glad that we have family that lives here, so that even if we one day leave, we will always have a place to come visit.  Utah and Florida are places I want to be part of my life forever.  Luckily, family live in both places, so I believe they shall always be part of our lives.

Visiting Utah was a dream.  It went by so fast, and every day seemed to collide into the next.  We were busy with visiting the next person, and barely had time with my own family.  Fortunately, they were good sports about that, and were willing to share us with others we haven't seen in a long time.  We never got to relax, but that is okay.  It felt so good to see old friends that have been missing from our lives for awhile.  We had so many other friends we wished to have visited, but sadly, our short time did not allow for it.

I loved taking in the Utah scenery. Seriously, that place has a beauty all of its own.  I have a favorite place, as shown in the second picture, that has the most beautiful view of the valley.  During the sunset, it is breathtaking.  I wish I could capture its beauty adequately.  Unfortunately, camera phones just don't do it justice.

It was so good to be reunited with these two girls as well as the rest of my family.  My family seriously rocks.  I feel so blessed to have such great support in my life.  I feel like one lucky girl.

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