Monday, June 30, 2014

June Bug.

You know what?

June is over.  That's it.  Good bye, June! Helllo July!

Things I'm looking forward to in July:

-MY DADDY COMES!! Then we get to play at Disney World together! I cannot WAIT!

-I get to see Lindsey and her babies!!

-4th of July.  Yeahhhh fireworks!

-Days at the beach.  And the pool.  And then the beach.

-S'mores. Mmm...s'mores.

-MY DADDY COMES!! (I still can't get over this!! I really am just TOO excited!!)

June, you were good to us.  But July, I'm hoping for some more sun and happy days ahead.

In the meantime, highlights from June:

-I turned 28! AHH! Only two more years until 30 which totally freaks me out.

-We got to see Brian Regan.  It was hilarious.

-We went to Georgia to see some of our favorite people we met while on our cruise!

-Relaxing weekends

I love summer. Even if summers here in Florida tend to be sticky. I still love you, summer.

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