Saturday, November 19, 2011

Avoiding Going to Bed...

It is currently 10:49, and I am avoiding having to go to bed.

You know what I mean, your eyes are nearly half shut, but you persist on browsing the internet, look up pins on pinterest, find funny youtube videos...Oh come on, you know exactly what I mean!!  I bet you are doing it RIGHT now...avoiding sleep and reading this blog instead.  Tsk. Tsk.

Anywho...I decided to practice my homemaking skills and made a real dinner tonight.  Shock, right?

I made meat loaf, mashed potatoes, rolls, veggies, and for dessert, a pumpkin roll.  Ryan was the lucky recipient of this great meal.  (Lucky boy, eh?)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.


Here's a cool picture:
(Okay, so this is TOTALLY random picture, BUT! If you can believe it (and you should!), this is a BOY'S bathroom...Yes, you read right...This bathroom belongs to a GUY.  A DUDE.  A MALE!  Not a female anywhere IN this apartment!  Crazy, right?)

Okay...Now that I have rambled away, I think perhaps I will go crawl into my bed.  Mmm, sleep.  Night!

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  1. This reminds me of way back in the day when Caitlin told me she had painted her room pink. "pepto-bismal pink" was how she described it...