Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Planning

Despite what you may think, we are NOT planning a zombie/hobo/insert-your-own-far-out-theme wedding.  Actually, I do believe it is going to be quite lovely.  

We have successfully managed to check off the majority of the big things off of our to-do list, so that is one big relief.  Now, it is more about the details.  

Ah, the details!

Well, here are a couple projects that I am working on.  Of course, Pinterest has been a major inspiration, and the two ideas I have gotten from the fabulous website.  One, actually, was inspired by my mother-in-law-to-be, and I liked it and I am now running with it.  

Here are the two projects I have undertaken:

Numero Uno:

Numero Dos:

The idea for number uno is that they will be in the center of the tables with beautiful white flowers.  Perhaps tie a little bow around them.  If you go on my pinterest and find that pin, it actually shows you how to make the mason jars blue.  That is the project I am undertaking.  Hopefully it turns out alright!

Now for numero dos, I would love it eventually to be in our apartment, hanging somewhere fun.  (I do love the idea of it hanging over the bed! I also adore Mumford & Sons AND that quote!)  But for the reception, perhaps it can chill at the present table, or the sign-in table, or...anywhere.  It could just be fun.  I also saw an idea of where someone wrote out their "story" on the chalkboard, so that is another possibility.  (We do have one heck of a story!)  

Now, my apartment smells like spray paint, my nose is running (I'm getting sick, I do believe), and I am either tired, or getting high off of the fumes, but either way, I'm out like trout!

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