Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Duck Face

+Erin lets be better at posting on our blog? Okay? Okay.

 I miss all of the times that Erin and I used to spend together going on random adventures and doing crafts. What I miss the most though are the times where we would just sit and chat for hours. We used to talk at our apartments, at the park, and often times in the car parked somewhere. We would cry and laugh  (which usually ended in me crying from laughing so hard) and discuss our dreams. So in order to make up for the distance we try to talk as often as we can on the phone. Sometimes it seems as though we are right next to each other lounging around talking about our dearest dreams and adventures. We don't even need to be talking about anything of any importance but the simple act of talking with each other is a blessing. I can't wait until her and Ryan come to Utah next month!  
Oh and I forgot to mention that sometimes we send each other pictures to further explain what we are talking about..or sometimes just for a good laugh. Here are the pictures from our last phone conversation. 
My Duck Face: 

Which Erin Decided to turn into this:

And then this happened:

Erin's Duck Face: 

And then these. No explanation. 

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  1. Awww...this post made me miss you even more!! And yes! Let us blog more! :)