Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mixed Tape to Italy

Dearest Caitlin,
You are going to Italy soon.  What a beautiful adventure! Every adventure deserves an epic soundtrack.  If I could make a mixed tape, I would. But tapes are now, apparently, outdated.  Forget the vintage, and download these tracks (or at least check it out on Spotify!):

Lakehouse by Monsters and Men
Ghosts The National Parks
Hot Air Balloon The National Parks
As We Ran The National Parks
Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hello's
Cello Song feat. Jose Gonzalez by The Books
Don't Let it Break Your Heart by Gavin Mikhail (cover from Coldplay)
Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars
Harmony by Susie Suh
Feather in the Wind by Susie Suh

The are light, airy and the perfect music to reflect and ponder the beauty of life.  As you sail above the Atlantic towards your destination, put in your headphones, play, and sit back and start feeling nostalgic and ready for adventure. I am oh, so jealous.



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