Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Never Trust a Bird!

Erin sent me this card the other day! I hope it is okay that I am sharing it with everyone, Erin. 

To the infamous (Gasp!) Caitlin Stay,
No, it is not your birthday. You can breathe. I am just writing to say "Bonjour!" the ol' fashioned way? Isn't it just better this way? Anyways...I've had these cards sitting in my drawer for like , ever  and decided to put them to good use. I wish I could fill it with silly stories, but alas, I have none. I'm a boring person. EXCEPT!!! I made a beautiful dessert for Relief Society the other day-It was a chocolate souffle (very fancy, I know) and everyone who laid eyes on it ooohe'd and ahhh'ed...until a bird landed on it, did its business, then flew away. It was tragic and I burst into tears. But don't worry! The story ended happily! Only tow or three others saw and they were nice enough to not say a word, so we still served it. The others just thought the "droppings" were a delicious decoration, and the LOVED it! Day saved! But let this be a lesson to you...never trust a bird! NEVER!* I hope you are doing spectacularly well and that this card finds you in happy health. My best wishes and hugs and kisses will be traveling with this card to you. Love always, Erin E. Novak
*I really CAN trust a bird! ;) (just use caution!)
(Front:)Adding to my misery: no one here thinks I'm funny
(Inside the card:) What is WRONG with these people?

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