Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sick Days

Dear Caitlin,

Would you like to come bring me some soup? You see, I have this terrible cold/allergies/whate'er-the-heck-this-is and I think soup is always a good idea when you are sick.  More so, it would just be lovely to see your face!  Sometimes, I hate being so far away.  It makes seeing your face super hard.

Don't worry, I'm not SUPER sick.  Just a small dosage of sick.  But just enough to decide that I am going to be lazy today.  Sick Days=A whole lotta Netflix.  Goodbye school studies!  I really should be studying...I need to pass my Science test ASAP! But it's just so hard to want to study when I feel SO tired and my sinuses KILL. But I digress.

Come visit me? Pretty please? Sick or not, a visit needs to be in order. I keep finding recipes I want to make with you! Plus, we need to go shopping.   And go eat a cupcake or something.  Hiking? Music? Anything.  Let's just do it all!


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  1. Oh Erin! I didn't know you were sick! Oh I need to come! Is that why you were up so late last night!? Yes, I will come! I need to come! :) Feel better and Get well soon!