Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Story of the Gemstone and Magical Fairy

Dear Caitlin,

I wrote Callie today.  I found myself writing her a story.  Lucky for you, I remembered to copy/paste it so you could enjoy it as well.  Don't judge to harshly. I wrote it off the cuff and whatever flowed from my fingers hitting the keyboard.  The result? Well...you take a look:

Once upon a time there was a girl who wished to remain anonymous for the purpose of the story.  But we shall call her Callie S. No, no, C. Stay.  Yes, that's better. So C. Stay decided that she wanted to become a penguin and swim the the arctic.  She decided that it was just much to hot in the desert of Utah and it was time to cool down.  So she set out on a journey to find a magic gemstone that just might grant her very wish of turning into a penguin.  She searched high. She searched low.  She looked under boulders, looked in every nook and cranny, and even under the shake machine at JCW's.  But she had no luck.  After many days of searching for her beloved gemstone, she decided it was time to give up her search and resort to the fact that she would never become a penguin and head to the North Pole. Instead, she would just have to suffer the heat in the intense desert which is called Utah.
"If only I knew where that magic gemstone was!" She lamented.  Then one day, a magical fairy approached her.
"Hi!" said the magically fairy.
"Uh, hi?"  asked Callie. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm a magical fairy! I'm here to help you!"  replied the magical fairy, brandishing her shiny, pink wand.
Callie looked the fairy up and down.  "Not to be rude or anything, but you don't look like a magical fairy."
"That is rude." replied the fairy.
"Well, I'm sorry, but it looks like...well, you look just like my sister. Caitlin." Callie replied.
"Gasp! I would never!" replied Caitlin, err...the magical fairy.
"Well, look at your wings.  They are made of fabric...and you accidentally left the price tag on your wings."  Callie went to rip off the "fairy's" tags.  Before she could do so, the "fairy" spun quickly, avoiding the grasp of Callie. (Did I say Callie? I meant C. Stay.)
"I AM a fairy, thank you very much.  I just earned my wings! I don't like removing tags on things very much.  Please don't touch my tag NOR my wings thank-you-very-much!" Caitlin brushed off her wings.
"Now," Caitlin the fairy coughed, starting over again, "I AM a magical fairy and I AM here to help you. Now, rumor has it, you are after a magical gemstone. Am I correct?"
"Yes!" C. Stay replied. "How did you know."
"I am a magical fairy." Caitlin replied simply.
"Okay...so, where is it?" asked C. Stay tentatively.
"Well, I have some news for you.  There isn't one.  There is no such thing as a "magical gemstone" so you shall never turn into a penguin and escape the heat of the Utah desert." Caitlin responded.
"Erm...what??" C. Stay responded uncomfortably.
"Yes. No gemstone. So no penguin. BUT! I do have some good news for you.  It doesn't stay hot forever.  In fact, this very month, fall begins and the heat will go away and soon snow will fall in this valley and you can bask in it as IF you were a penguin.  Will that do?"
"Yes!" C. Stay responded excitedly. "That will do!"
"Alright then! My job here is done! I must go now.  Farewell, C. Stay! May you always remember me!"  Caitlin the magical fairy turned away from C. Stay as if to leave, but paused, shuffling her feet.
"Is there something the matter?" C. Stay asked, wondering why the fairy didn't take off in flight.
"Erm, no.  But do you mind turning around and closing your eyes? I don't want you to see me go. Oh! And, count to one hundred." Caitlin responded.
C. Stay did as she wished, and as soon as her eyes were closed, Caitlin dashed away, as quickly as her two legs could carry her before C. Stay would open her eyes. After all, Caitlin really didn't know how to fly.  Just run. Fast.

The End.

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  1. Hahahaha, that sounds exactly like a C. Stay and Caitlin moment!