Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cooking a Kitchen Frenzy

My little apartment smells SO heavenly right now.  Why, you ask? Because of what you will find in my oven: Homemade Granola.  Oh. My. Goodness!!!

Since moving to California, a lot has changed.  Instead of working a stressful full-time job, I am now a student!  With my studies online, it has given me so much flexibility to discover new interests, such as cooking!  I haven't ever been into cooking, like...ever.  I'm telling you, I was the girl in college who ate cereal for every single meal.  Not even kidding.  I rationalized that I didn't have time and I just wanted to go out and socialize.  So cereal it was!  To be REALLY honest, I think my problem was that I didn't really know HOW to cook.  My mother really never taught me how to cook.  I'm not blaming her, I'm just as much at fault, as I had plenty of opportunities to ask, but never did.

Now, at the ripe 'ol age of 29, I am finally cooking, and I love it! I plan on sharing some of the dishes I've made recently and dive a little more into this new found love of mine. But for now, please enjoy these pictures of my homemade granola, adapted from, which really, is like cereal, so consider this an ode to my college days.  Just kidding. I'm still in college.  But I promise you, I AM cooking now.

Excuse me, but I must go and eat some more granola now. Adios!

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