Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Easter Bunny Came...

I did it.  I made Donald Trump into the Easter Bunny.  Take a look:

Doesn't he make a great Easter bunny? 

Some other things that I did in celebration for Easter was the glow in the dark eggs (that you may have seen on pinterest)...

It worked really well! Only, I wished that I had bigger eggs.  The glow sticks BARELY fit in the regular sized ones, and I had to tape them shut.  I filled them with love notes and such.  It worked out perfectly, because he worked that evening, so when he came home, I had all the lights turned out and these glowing eggs hiding around the living room.  I gave him a flashlight to read the little notes and to catch a good glimpse of Donald. 

Another fun idea that I was able to put to use was these cute paper carrots.  (Do you (barely) see the one in the picture above?)  It was super easy to make and turned out pretty cute.

I also scored a free Easter card from that I had them send (free shipping, too!) to Ryan from his "secret lover".  Okay, maybe it isn't so secret.  But still...It was fun. 

So all in all, it was a mighty fine Easter with fun little surprises along the way.  I love surprises.

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