Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Goals

Sometimes, it is time to make new goals.

It happens anytime life starts falling into a routine.

But usually, my goals tend to explode into wild dreams.  I just can't seem to tame them.

Such as:

My goal to travel.  New York, Paris, Tokyo...anywhere.  Get me out on the road! Or on a plane to somewhere new.  Ryan and I hope to go to Paris or Tokyo in a year or so.  Fingers crossed.  It would be amazing.  

My goal to graduate college.  Oh wow.  This one feels so far away.  With a full time job, it is hard to work a schedule in for school.  I hate it.  I checked classes for next semester.  Looks rather impossible.  I may have to work something else out.

My goal to one day (not in the nearest future, mind you), to be a mother.  Oh man, thanks to Primary, I have discovered that I have low patience.  Perhaps I need to start learning patience now.  Also, the thought to be a mother scares me.  I am not ready now. but it is a dream and a desire of mine.  Just not quite yet...But I should start learning motherly qualities in preparation for that day.

Caitlin's and my goal to update the blog more so.  We have been slacking.  And it is sad.

A goal to go through my wardrobe and create new clothes and outfits from the depths of my closet.  Who says one has to keep buying new things to keep things fresh? Besides, I am poor.  I have enough clothes that I never wear.  Wear 'em or lose 'em, I say.  Well, I try to tell myself.

Be more adventurous.  Stop being afraid to spread your wings and try new things.  There is always, always, ALWAYS room for growth in this area.

My goal to one day write a children's book.  That has been a goal of mine that I have had for years, but have since put on the back burner.  It is time to whip it back up and start writing again.  It has been so long, and I used to enjoy it so much.  

Actually...speaking of writing, I think I'm going to get off of this right now and begin writing again.  I need to.  What? I am writing, you say?  You're right.  But I'm still leaving you. 

Goodbye for now.

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