Monday, August 22, 2011

Sick Also...

I feel sick too. Not like poor Erin, thankfully for me. Unlike Erin I am to blame for my "sickness". Sorry Erin you are not feeling well. I hope you have continued to rest and recover fast from your illness.  I ate some pizza and breadsticks today that Cameron brought home from Pizza Hut.
Remember that I am trying to eat healthy? Well, I have been SO good. I have eaten as well as I can and I have exercised at least 5 days a week.
Until today.
I went on a bike ride with my younger sister today which was wonderful. Yay!
Why did I ruin my workout by eating junk food? 
I am not very happy with myself... It was definitely not worth the fifteen to twenty minutes of eating it.
My stomach is achy and sore.
My head hurts from the lack of nutrition and I feel tired and grumpy.
I am also having acid reflex which I do not have a problem with when I don't eat junk food.
If I am going to feel this awful after eating something it should have been way more worth it,
such as something involving CHOCOLATE

I needed to write this down to remind myself that I enjoy the way I feel when I eat right. I look forward to tomorrow where I can work on reversing the pizza I ate today.
Tomorrow is a New Day!!!
I am going to move forward and do better tomorrow.

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  1. OK so I REALLY Need to start eating better as well......Can you make me some Cupcakes?? hehehe....No really though, I have so many things that happen when I dont eat good that I should learn!! I am Rooting for you and so PROUD OF YOU!!! I do agree though, next time eat one of you delicious Cupcakes (BTW I ate ALL that I had takin home from the shower MYSELF) Not all at once though....But I did sort of "hide" them in the fridge!!!

    Heidi (Icant remember my password to my google account!)