Thursday, August 4, 2011

Becoming Healthy

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I have decided to tackle #9 on my bucket list.

This is the MOST important reason for #9 is that I want to become healthy.

 I know what to do. I know how to live a healthy life style but for various reasons I have not chosen to do so.  I could go on about the various excuses that often put the blame on society but really it is my own fault. I choose what to eat. I choose whether or not to exercise.

I want to change.

I will change. 

Here is my game plan for achieving not only my goal but of having a healthy energetic body:

#1: No sugar, except one day a month (for holiday's and birthday's).
#2: No soda (I have gotten into a nasty habit of drinking more soda than I used to).
#3: Eat mainly vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole wheats, whole grains, and nuts.
#4: Try to stick with lean cuts of mean. Preferably fish.
#5: Eat more food that contains probiotics such as Yogurt and Kefir.
#6: Study up on Nutrition and Health regularly
#7: Exercise between 5-6 days a week for at least 30 minutes.
#8: Drink plenty of water.
#9: Have a support system (my mom is joining me on this endeavor).
#10. Pray for help and guidance as I embark on incorporating a healthy life style into my life.

This is a pretty basic plan and it is not supposed to be a diet. It is more of a life long commitment. I have not been kind to my body in the last couple of years and if I am not careful and change my ways I would am headed down a path of various health problems that I do NOT want. I started on Monday and I have realized that I have been addicted to unhealthy food such as sugar. I hope that as I eat right and exercise, I will abolish the cravings and addiction.

What tips do you have for being healthy?

Why do you eat healthy?

Why do you exercise?

What is your motivation?

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  1. Caitlin,
    I LOVE this blog post! It is such a hard commitment, especially when the rest of the world doesn't help you to live this way. My best tip for being healthy is this: remember that everything you put into your body, onto your body, and surround yourself with, will become apart of you! (The same is said of our spirit :) right??)
    I eat healthy because then I feel good! I exercise because it keeps me feeling like I look good, and from getting sick.
    I love you and admire you so much!!