Monday, August 29, 2011

OH wow...

So, it has been awhile since Caitlin has posted.  She is the one to blame.  She has no excuse.  She has not been locked up dying from illness.  She has all the free time in the world.

Just kidding.

I will take the blame too.  But while excuses are always acceptable (are you telling me they aren't??), I am going to blame the fact that I have not been feeling well whatsoever for the past few weeks.  Straight.  Fun,  right?  Which has equalled to no energy, an increase of apathy, and an extreme sense of fatigue.  But! I'm getting better! I'm not dead!

Caitlin has had some great excuses too.  She sprained her ankle pretty good.  It has been a great source of pain, that I am positive that her excuse for not blogging is due to that pain overtaking her brain and unable to think of anything else, let alone blog.

So there ya have it.  But, just you wait! I'm sure one of these days, we will get around to blogging more frequently once again.  Once we are all bright and chipper again! Bright days are ahead indeed!

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