Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Shoes

Well, along with Caitlin, I, too, need a new pair of shoes.  Actually, just about my whole shoe wardrobe needs replacing...but I am in special need of a pair of tennis shoes. 

Now, I am not a tennis shoe kind of girl.  I love my flats to pieces.  Literally.  In fact, last year, I was forced to throw away a beloved pair of flats, that were in shreds.  Did I still wear them? Until the dying day. 

But I am leaving on vacation here in a month and a half, and I made the mistake LAST vacation to wear these little beauties:

Horrible.  Absolutely horrific.  I refuse to make that mistake twice.  The picture does not show how flimsy these shoes are.  They are more like slippers.  Just imagine trekking San Fran in slippers.  Bad, bad, bad idea.

So I am on the hunt...For a good pair of vacation shoes.  Cute ones.  I mean, if tennis shoes CAN be cute.  I am kind of a fan of Tom's Cordones.  Simple, stylish, and not too over the top.  Here are a few that I am eyeballing at the moment:

Black Cordones

Wool Cordones
Or perhaps these ones....                                                                                                                             

(photo coming soon!)

I just don't know.  The black ones are classic...But I love the gray.  Gray matches with so much, but then I am worried about the wool.  Recommendations? Suggestions? Your favorite vacation shoes? Help?

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