Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on Life

Hey Everyone!

Here are some quick updates on my life:

I have been trudging my way through my first week back at school (literally trudging, aka my sprained ankle). Actually, I am really excited about school starting! I love school! It has just been a little hard trying to get to my classes because of my leg. It is healing though and I will be looking forward to being able to walk normally again.

Part of my school expenses went towards purchasing a new laptop. I am super happy about this. I purchased a HP TrueVision HD Laptop. Even though it is not a Macbook (which I totally would love one day) it was well the money I spent on it. Which means....drum roll please...MORE BLOGGING!

I am still eating healthy and I love how I feel. I wish I can exercise more but with my leg I haven't been able to continue my normal workout routine. As soon as I can (Monday? Hopefully.) I will start it up again. Today was also supposed to be the day I would weigh myself but I want to use the same scale that I started weighing myself on so I will get the most accurate results. The problem is that the scale I use is at the rec center. I guess I will have to wait.

That is all I have time for now. TTFN.

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