Friday, September 30, 2011


So.  To follow up  Caitlin's great post about engagement pictures, it just so conveniently was posted on my OWN engagement day!  That's right!  I am engaged!  So now the talk to wedding is springing, including, and not limited to, trying to figure out WHAT to do.  Themes have come about...Let me run them by you and see what you think:

1) Hobo Wedding

Think of many bonfires, roasting sticks, a soup line, cut-off mittens for gifts, and a dumpster to serve great foods such as spam, leftover doughnuts and what not.   Include the bride (me) and groom holding cardboard signs saying, "We'll get married for money,"  or "No money, newly weds, starving students.  Any help accepted."

2) Zombie Wedding

Well, we just witnessed the great pictures Caitlin posted, so just think along the lines of that.  Some guests will have the privilege to dress up as Zombies and the rest will be given "weapons" (perhaps nerf guns or pepper spray) and they will attack (okay, bad idea on the pepper spray) the zombies and shall be victorious.  We could serve "brains" (Jello mold?) and guts (more jello?) for the food.

3) Pirates vs. Ninjas

So my side of the family/guest shall be pirates and his side of the family/guests shall be the ninjas.  Then we shall fight to the death, er, win.  Dressing up will be essential and as well as cool accents for the pirates and great stylized moves for the ninjas.

4) Cowboys vs. Indians

Pretty much the same idea as Pirates vs. Ninjas, except with Cowboys and Indians.  Perhaps the food can be some Thanksgiving food as the cowboys and Indians come together in peace.  (I know, I's the PILGRAMS not the Cowboys.  But still...)

Hmm...Well, I've got some good planning coming in here.  I'm sure we'll come up with something great.  But, to close this fabulous post, here is a picture of the happy couple:

Cute, right? This is just moments after being proposed to.  

Anywho, be looking for a wedding section for the planning on my pinterest soon. 


  1. good heavens girl-we are all dying to hear the story and see the ring!

  2. Haha. I suppose when one gets engaged, that is what is supposed to happen, right? Instead, I write the "possibilities" of a themed wedding! Soon, though! It shall happen soon! :)

  3. Congrats ERIN!!! You two are sooo cute, and the zombie theme sounds most excellent ;)