Sunday, September 18, 2011

Glitter Toes!

I came across this lovely website the other day, explaining on how to do your very own Glitter Toes!

I know, it seems rather intimidating.  Your very own glitter toes? Is it possible? I do not have the steadiest hand when it comes to painting my nails.  But I tried my hand on it.  It turned out fabulous.

I bought exactly what she suggested...I went to Sally's and punched the Gelous clear nail polish.  It was on sale for a bit less than 5 bucks.  Then I headed on over to Robert's and bought a pack of 5 different colors of glitter for a bit less than 5 bucks too.  (Thank you, 40% coupon, which, by the way, is ALWAYS available, everyday!).  The good news is, it hardly used any glitter.  It is definitely worth the money.  I mean, check it out:

I am sorry you have to look at my feet.  It's not pretty, I know.  But! I am ready to show off these babies (meaning my toenails...who'd want to see my feet anyways?) at the beach!  Bring it on!  (And yes, I am going to be at the beach verrry soon here!)

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  1. Ahhhhhsome, I know what I'll be doing this weekend :)