Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you ever just come across something and start laughing uncontrollably?  Even if it isn't immensely just can't help but to laugh until you cry?  I just did that.  I saw this and started laughing and laughing and laughing:

I am still laughing.  I can't stop.  I need help!


  1. Haha. That is funny. Sadly it is not real according to Sorry Erin. But, there was a contestant from the french version who could not determine whether the Moon, the Sun, Mars or Venus is the object that orbits the Earth. He answered the Sun even after polling the audience! Link:

  2. After a bit, I started to realize it wasn't real. But, it was still funny all the same. Just not as funny. OH well. I still laughed really hard, it was pathetic.