Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Post in 5 Minutes

Have you ever been tight on schedule?  Ugh.  I always am.  Seriously.  No rest for the wicked is what they say.  If that statement is true
, then I must be very, very, very wicked.

But that is besides the point.  All judgments aside, I have decided (actually Caitlin decided) that it is time for me to make a post.  So here I am.

But I have 4 minutes left, and there are people in the room, and I keep getting distracted, and now there is a guitar playing, and my roommates are talking about the possibility of needing to call 911 in the near future (I hope that doesn't ever come to pass...I have already called 911 once, and it was NOT a fun experience.) , and now there is singing going on, and now I am rambling, and now I can't remember why I am writing this post.

Maybe I should find some more time in my life.

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