Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It is only Monday, and I am ready for the weekend.  Remember that weekend to-do list I made?  I am pretty sure I got a solid 20% accomplished.  Sweet.

Adding that to-do list with my normal to-do list, I felt rather o  v e  r  whelmed.  Stressed. Grumpy.  Exhausted.

So I ditched out on my nightly plans and conquered the lingering "to-do"s that have been crying my name since last April.

I cleaned my room.

I painted my toes.

I ran errands.

I bought a crepe maker.

I chose a bad line in Wal-Mart and waited for 20 minutes (more than the time I spent shopping) behind roudy teenage boys. I won't even begin to paint the picture for you.  Just know, at times, it was very, very obnoxious.  (I think I am getting old and crabby.  I did just turn 25 donchya know.)

I was grumpy all evening until my boy stopped by.

He made me laugh, and I was happy again.

Now it is Tuesday, and I am still working on this blog post.  (See, how awful I am at completing tasks?)

I shall end it simply:

The End.

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