Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Business of Growing Up

Growing up is such a peculiar business.
What does growing up mean? 
When does it happen?
Is it worth it?
What happens to the magic and excitement you feel as a child?
Is there a way of growing up without losing the enchantment of new and beautiful things?

My mother has mentioned to us children that she still hasn't felt like she has grown up. I feel like I am more grown up now than I was five years ago but I simply refuse to admit of being grown up nor do I feel grown up. I am not sure if I want to either.

When I was younger I wanted to grow up faster so I could participate in the wonderful world of driving, dating, marriage, college, etc. Why was I so eager for the next stage of life? Not that the things that I wanted were bad, they are not. They are wonderful things that have brought joy in my life. But, there are wonderful things in life at all stages of life.
Innocence and youth allow an enjoyment for the world with little reservations.
I have another goal that I think about almost everyday.
To enjoy the world as if I were young again (well younger at least, I am still young).
I want to soak up the little things.


I want to have butterflies in my stomach when I see fireworks or a waterfall. I want to play pretend with my future children and believe it as much as they will.  I want my heart and soul to embrace the world with all its wonder and beauty.

Is it possible? I think so.

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