Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Belated Father's Day, Anyone?

I am the worst gift giver known to mankind.  It is the sad truth, that I have come to realize this year.

 I think I managed Christmas okay.  (Wait...remember how I went Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, and STILL didn't have a present for one of my siblings? I ended up giving the scarf I bought for my little sister to my brother, while I came up with a last minute, make shift present for Callie.  I found two movie tickets in my purse and told her I would take her to see a movie.  I still have yet to follow through with that offer.)

Or shall we remember the time that it was my boyfriend's birthday and I gave him his birthday present.....a month later. (Better late than never, right?)  So I am terrible.  Absolutely terrible.

In fact, on my personal bucket list, I have made it a goal to become better at gift giving.

So guess what I got my Father for Father's Day!


I am officially the lamest gift giver known to mankind.

However, I have decided that I am going to change my lame ways now, and repent of my evil doings.  I am planning a belated Father's Day present.  (Again, better late than never, right?)

Would you like to hear my brilliant idea?  (Dad, if you are reading this, stop.  Right now.  It will ruin the surprise.)

My dad loves fishing.  You should have seen his old car.  (Wait...that old car is now my car...You should see my car.)  So, in the past, we have always given him the classic Cabela's gift card.  He can pick up his own gear.  But this year, I think I shall change things up a bit.

I want to put together a "fishing day pack" for him.  Add a water bottle, some snacks, maybe some form of entertainment, et voila!  A special (and thoughtful for once!) Father's day gift!  Brilliant, right?  Perhaps, I will still add the Cabela's gift card.   Perhaps not.  (That way, if you are reading this Dad, you will still get some form or a surprise! Mwahaha.)  Behold, my brilliant, repentant idea.  Genius, I do say.

Oh no.  I just remembered...

It's Callie's birthday tomorrow.  I've got nothing.

Perhaps I'll become really good at belated gift giving.

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  1. I love your idea for his fishing day kit :) You did give me a birthday present on the day we celebrated my birthday. That reminds me, I still haven't given you your birthday present. I guess it runs in the family.